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Face wash in a box

Name: Pure cotton soft towel for beauty
Material: wood pulp cotton (Spunlaced non-woven)
Features: Use both dry and wet
Function: Clean face, remove makeup, wash face
Shelf life: Three years
Specifications: 200*200MM 35 pieces (pearl pattern)/ box
200* 200MM 40 pieces (mesh)/ box

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    4 core selling points
    • cotton
    • Use namely take
    • Delicate texture
    • Close skin comfortable
    Good skin starts with washing your face
    ●Strong toughness and tear resistance, repeated rubbing, pulling hard, clean face towel is not easy to break the flocculation ●Grain Louie clean, deep clean, soft texture of cotton, skin more love
    ●Soft cotton can not drop flocs, fingertips can touch the soft, selected natural cotton fiber, soft and delicate, skin comfortable, do not drop flocs ●Dry and wet, dry after dipping water, reusable, do not have to be discarded after wiping face, can also wipe glasses, mobile phone screen, etc
    ●Pure cotton test, cotton in combustion will not produce black smoke, and the residue is gray
    1. The original cotton square face towel, burning no black smoke no smell
    2. Original cotton square face towel, ash is gray
    ●Cleanness is strong, visible cleanness is strong, pour on discharge makeup water, can wipe off lipstick, foundation, and other color makeup easily

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Zhejiang Daile Nonwoven New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of spunlace non-woven fabrics, which owns advanced assembly lines of spunlace nonwoven from Germany and Italy.We are China Wholesale Face wash in a box manufacturers and OEM Face wash in a box Company. We specialize in producing spunlaced nonwoven applicated in various fields such as medical and health, industrial filtration, household cleaning supplies, etc. The annual output is up to 6000 tons.

Moreover, we own an advanced laboratory for physical testing, microorganism testing, and developing new products. The sales network covers domestic and overseas. We always carry out "by artificial this, the customer" the management idea. Enterprise in line with "sincerity, do your exhaust the guest the meaning of" business philosophy to achieve sustainable development.

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